Founder / Creator and LEAD INSTRUCTOR, Virginia Biven

Paul Bivens Imagery Photography

Paul Bivens Imagery Photography



Following 10 years of virtually no exercise, Virginia needed a realistic and easy plan to become fit and stay motivated. "I did not want gravity and age to dictate the shape of my body.  While I was less concerned about being skinny, I wanted to focus my attention on being fit, strong, healthy and TONE my body!  Why just accept my body for what it was after 2 children?  Why accept the aging process without a fight?  I wanted to make my body better!"  

As a stay-at-home mother of two young children with no daycare or the financial ability to splurge on the newest fitness classes or programs, Virginia decided to develop a simple at-home routine incorporating old-fashioned workout basics with an added “twist”.  Using a basic hand towel, Virginia found that using a rolled-up towel added an interesting dynamic to some common exercises like squats and lunges. 

Since her first days experimenting at home, Virginia has developed the TOWEL TONING® program into a full-body workout designed to blast fat, tone and stretch out the body in a safe and effective way. Over the past year, she has designed the patent pending Toning-Towel™ which has created an even easier, more effective and safer way to exercise. 

Born November 5, 1970 in Santa Cruz, California to hippie parents living the earthy lifestyle, before it was HIP to do so, Virginia and twin sister and younger brother were introduced to raw living.  Although Virginia had a strong base for understanding how to nourish a body properly, she never appreciated it like she does now. "I feel younger now than I did 20 years ago! Finding FITNESS in my later years and complimenting it with healthy eating, to fuel my energy every day, has been the most rejuvenating experience of my life ... it truly is the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH we all have available to us - just tap into it and it's all yours too!"

Virginia loves to collaborate with her clients as TOWEL TONING® continues to evolve. Virginia is passionate about introducing TOWEL TONING® and will continue to set the stage for a fun, safe and effective workout and always provide you with positive motivation for your mind and body.  Virginia is a certified group fitness instructor through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. Virginia encourages her students to "Work It In!" daily, anytime, anywhere!