TOWEL TONING® is an hour long resistance exercise technique that simultaneously elongates, tones, increases mobility, and strengthens all muscle groups. Inspired by dance and resistance training, TOWEL TONING® combines functional training moves choreographed to motivating music giving you a uniquely exhilarating BOOST of cardio all while using dynamic tension with a one-of-a-kind Toning-Towel™. 

TOWEL TONING® uses the patent-pending Toning-Towel™ as an effective tool to build body awareness and helps activate every muscle in the body. The Toning-Towel™, keeps the body engaged and serves as a guide to move in a safe, effective way while sculpting the body. Adding the specially designed, one of a kind, Toning-Towel™ creates a dynamic tension to hold form, alignment, assist with balance to allow you to work the ENTIRE body  and focuses on strengthening and empowering of your glutes and core.

The exercises can all be customized simply by the individual choice of resistance and intensity level based on your current physical ability. People with little to no physical activity or with previous injuries, as well as the most trained athlete can all benefit from TOWEL TONING®.

TOWEL TONING® helps to build body awareness and allows you to "Work it In" on a daily basis as it strengthens without causing injury. It's a feel good, energizing exercise routine - one that makes you want to do it again the next day! 

Suddenly my entire body LIGHTS UP with ENERGY building / exuding from my toes, up the legs, through my core, flowing to my upper body and energizing through my arms up to my finger tips - BEST FEELING EVER!
— Virginia Biven, Founder / Creator of TOWEL TONING®