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Your one-of-a-kind, patent pending Toning-Towel™ can be used much like you would use a pilates reformer machine, ballet barre or even in lieu of a yoga strap — for stretch, stability and activation. Incorporate your new Toning-Towel™ into your daily exercise routine to take it to the next level or enjoy three (3) FREE Towel Toning® exercises included with the purchase of your Towel plus follow Virginia Biven @toweltoninggirl on Instagram for videos.

You can use your new Toning-Towel™ for TONING, STRETCHING AND STRENGTHENING - anytime / anywhere! There's nothing quite like the feeling of lifting that towel over the top of your head, giving you that amazing stretch through your core, back, shoulders and arms and OH SO MUCH MORE!

Empower your body! Turn your body into a machine by using your new Toning-Towel™ as an extension of your body! Double loop it and wear it around your neck as a sporty fashion accessory to and from your workout and you'll be ready to "Work It In!" anywhere / anytime! 

Your new Toning-Towel™ is a functional & stylish fitness tool made from a terry velour fabric; therefore, it's luxurious & lightweight and easy to transport / travel with!   "Work It In!" daily for a healthy & fit & TONED body for LIFE!  "Work It In!" daily, for a healthy & fit mindset for LIFE!

P.S. - If your preferred print or color isn't available, you can send a direct message to and I will reorder for you! Expect a 2 week delay.


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Towels currently on back-order but will be deliverable by March 15, 2018.